Red Hot House Band Red Hot House Band Red Hot House Band

The Band

A band relies on the quality of the musicians in it, and The Red Hot Houseband has some of the best players around. We have band members who have developed their skills at world class places like London’s Royal Academy of Music and the Berklee College Of Music in the US, then gone out and gained professional experience of performing extensively across Europe, the US and Asia, (we have even shared a piano with Elton John !). Add to this the experience gained from helping devise leading edge shows for the worlds largest musical technology company, and you have a range of skills and experience others cannot match. That’s what makes the Red Hot Houseband... Red Hot !!

Beyond the performance, Red Hot has professional experience about how a band can be used to best effect at all sizes of functions and weddings, this has proved invaluable to clients and helps make us one of the most easy going but professional bands to deal with.

We do get asked about our name and why we chose it, well...

  • Red Hot is HOW we play ….. it’s more than just playing the tunes, it’s a sizzling performance everytime,

  • Houseband is WHAT we play ….. like the bands you’ll see on a TV chat show, we have the skills to be able to play the range of music to a standard that gets ages up and partying.

One key thing to know...... everything you see and hear on this website is what you see and hear at your event, there is no trickery involved, what is online is what you get LIVE !! We don't use backing tracks because we have the skill and ability to play everything live, and unfortunately backing tracks predefines the length of each song you hear, thus constraining the performance. By playing everything 100% live Red Hot can continue any track if it’s one the audience are particularly enjoying, why stop partying just because the backing track finishes?

...... The Red Hot Houseband allow you to enjoy your favourite music to the full !!